KC Johnson

History 3442: Lectures & PowerPoints

History 3442–opening class handout

3442–1st class powerpt.

History 3442–truman 45-8 handout

3442–truman 45=8 powerpoint

3442–McCarthy-McCarran-Red Scare handout

3442–mccarran-mccarthy-red scare powerpt.

History 3442–1952 handout

3442–1952 election powerpoint

3442–eisenhower policies powerpoint

3442–1950s civil rights handout

3442–1950s civil rights ppt

3442–1960 handout

3442–1960 election ppt

3442–jfk handout

3442–jfk powerpoint

3442–lbj takes charge

3442–lbj takes chargePPT

3442–lbj1964 election

3442-lbj1964 election PPT






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