KC Johnson

Campus Due Process Documents


ASU fedl ruling

Doe v. ABOR

Khan complaint–Yale

Stony Brook MTD

JWU summary judgment ruling

zmarlickiJWU affidavit

CoddingJWU affidavit

brownJWU affidavit

St John Fisher College MTD

ASU tentative ruling

Doe v UofM stay denial

Does v. UT dismissal

accuser rhodes lawsuit

UMass Dartmouth MTD

CA1–Doe brief

Vassar II complaint

USC atty fees

Pomona atty fees

Baum remand MTD-PI

UMF response brief

UMaine-Farmington complaint

Arkansas–Doe reply brief


Haidak v UMass

UC class action complaint

CSU class action complaint

QU summary judgment decision

Grinnell–summary judgment decision


Doe v. Arkansas plaintiff brief

Tarnow brief to CA6

Rhodes I TRO

Northern Michigan MTD

PrincetonIII complaint

SUNY complaint

Syracuse III MTD

Doev UM transcript conference w-judge

YaleV complaint

Rowles v. Mizzou MSJ

MSU4–Order on motion for PI

Yale–Montague summary judgment ruling

Haynes v. Clarion

Boermeester complaint

Haynes opening brief Clarion

Xu v Occidental complaint

Noakes v. Syracuse MTD

Doe v St Thomas summary judgment

Norris v. Colorado MTD

Oliver v UTSW MTD

Jia v. U of Miami MTD opinion

Louisville MTD

Doe v White (CSU-Northridge)

Doe v Cal Trustees (Fresno St)

Comments of Concerned Lawyers and Educators in Support of Fundamental Fairness for All Parties in Title IX Grievance Proceedings

indiana–tro denial

ole miss ii mtd

doe v. rollins mtd order

ca2 colgate

Coastal Carolina mtd

Princeton tro

USC v decision

USC iv decision

indiana training materials

Indiana doe motion

Mizzou Rowles summary judgment motion

USF-St. Petersburg appeals court opinion

Powell v Montana State summary judgment

Vandy MTD


Harvard filing status report

Penn State IV complaint

Doe v. USC–CA Appellate Court

Princeton PI motion

Harvard II complaint

U of C III complaint

UM Doe brief CA6

LoyolaIL complaint

Brown I settlement

Butler summ judgment

Harvard complaint

rossley v. drake SJ

St. Joe’s summ judgment

GW amended complaint

Toledo complaint

Belmont judgment on pleadings

Doe v. Weill Cornell Prelim Inj. Hearing Transcript


New Mexico order

Syracuse (Doe) MTD

Arkansas complaint

Montague sur-reply

Brown IV MTD opinion

Doe v RPI complaint

Penn State III MTD

Roe v. Cincinnati–PI denial

Doe v Ohio State reconsideration

George Washington summary judgment opinion

Clareont McKenna appeals decision

Claremont McKenna writ denial

Ole Miss MTD

Illinois summary judgment

Montague–statement of facts

Montague brief

Rowles v. Mizzou order on MTD

CalPoly writ of mandate

Rollins II complaint

Michigan TRO ruling

UMass–CA1 memo

UC–Roe supplemenal filing

UMass plaintiff on BC decision

Gischel UC TIX reconsideration

JWU–oral argument-decision from bench

Michigan TRO response

Chico State writ of mandate

Aquinas complaint

Michigan TRO filing

gw reply

St. Joe’s II TRO

Texas–preliminary injunction rejection

GWsummjudg motion

UCLA stay decision

Roe-Cincinnati prelim injunction motion

Colorado amended complaint MTD

CathU partial MTD

GW preliminary injunction ruling

Ohio State–partial summ judgment

Syracuse II complaint

Doe v UCSB writ petition

USCB attorney fees

Doe v Regents (UCSB)

Hall v Hofstra

Prairie View A&M complaint

Ohio State (Roe) PI

Oregon MTD (federal)

Maryland MTD

Cornell law profs amicus brief

St Johns lawsuit

Oberlin MTD amended comp

GW complaint


Dayton MTD

ole miss training

Denver summary judgment

Pomona attorneys fees

marymount MTD

Haidak summary judgment

Kipnis MTD

Muskingum MTD

vandy complaint

AZ State complaint

Khan filing

Marymount accuser MTD

TX complaint

Penn State III complaint

James Madison decision

Gischel-Cincinnati decision

Rider MTD decision

Yale IV complaint

Dartmouth lawsuit

SUNY-Plattsburgh decision

Penn State MTD

USC III decision

Carnegie Mellon complaint

RPI decision

Drexel opinion

Johnson & Wales complaint

Pomona complaint

Cornell complaint

Rolling Stone answer

Purdue ruling

FSU complaint

Denison complaint

lacrosse change of venue motion

Tulane lawsuit

NIU complaint


Hamilton complaint

PSU student response contempt

Penn State response to contempt motion

UNC Charlotte opinion–summary judgment

Pomona writ of mandate

Penn State contempt motion

C of C prelim injunction (motion)

Emerson accuser summary judgment

Northwestern complaint

Hobart MTD

U of C MTD

Penn MTD

Kipnis reply brief

Case Western MTD decision

App State II decision

Miami PI opinion

ND TRO transcript

Kipnis accuser MTD

Penn State TRO

Miami pseudonym prelim TRO

Amherst settlement announcement

amherst answer

amherst kurker depo

Doe II — UC Brief 2-3-2017 FINAL

UC brief–6th C

bc appeal plaintiff

bc appeal university

bc original complaint

BC dist court opinion

Kipnis MTD

Decision list

wneu magistrate report

augustana decision

La Sierra opinion

UCSB decision

kipnis doe opposition

Notre Dame TRO

williams MTD

Silverglate letterMA

Miami (II) MTD

Denison MTD


Doe v. Cornell opinion

Montague ruling

Western New England MTD

William Paterson MTD

miami lawsuit

lafayette–mill series–5-3

St. Thomas order









































yale-answer (Montague)



Rider complaint

UofC complaint

not guilty letter for accused student

U of C rejecting TIX complaint by accused student

accuser tumblr comments



FIRE amended complaint

Brown–university findings of fact

Brown–plaintiff findings of fact

CA Women’s Law Center amicus

USCD–FIRE amicus brief

usc title IX director affidavit

usc case–LA County Court

Columbia–Second Circuit opinion

Ryan Duffin deposition

Dana deposition

Erdely deposition

Eramo opposition to mtd

Erdely email to Jackie

Eramo counter-statement

Cornell–Amanda Minikus JCC report

BrownII motion to quash

Brown II internal appeal

BrownII motion for TRO

BrownII amended complaint

BrownII investigator’s report

Bown II disciplinary panel decision

Brown student pretrial memo

Brown pretrial memo

Garber-Paul affidavit

Sean Woods affidavit

Cincinnati reply brief

Clemson complaint

UCSD–appeal brief

UCSD–student’s brief in appeal

hamako order


doe v yale plaintiff opp to MTD

yale II complaint

Montague Complaint

BC_Updated Statement FEB16FC_Final

Harris complaint–St. Joe’s

Peter Yu complaint–Vassar

Horst filing–St. Joe’s

St. Joe’s reply

Vassar reply

Harris Reply to Horst

Harris Reply to st joe’s

Wells order–Xavier

Yu update-Vassar

Benning complaint–Marlboro

Marlboro filing

benning v marlboro–d.vt

King motion

DePauw reply

Houston complaint

Houston lawsuit

Wesleyan complaint

Colorado complaint

Washington and Lee Complaint

Ohio–GW Forum PP

OCR budget ltr

Whitebook FY 2016 FINAL

Doe v. Cornell Complaint

Columbia PP

Brandeis filing

Nungesser Complaint

Fuller opinion–Columbia

Amherst complaint

Amherst decision

Amherst transcript

Amherst text messages

Amherst text messages II

Amherst investigation

Amherst-DePauw questions

Brandeis reply

Furman opinion–Columbia

Sahm complaint–Miami

Miami decision

UCSD hearing

UCSD brief

Amherst reply

Jonathan Turner: Texas A&M complaint

Doe v. Washington & Lee

UTC–Mock Decision

Middlebury–preliminary injunction

Middlebury dean statement

Middlebury expedited appeal

M’bury plaintiff opposition to exp’d appeal

Amherst motion for judgment on pleadings

penn state preliminary injunction


Herdy emails

Amherst plaintiff response

2015-11-20 Letter to David Vigilante & Jeff Zucker

ga tech prelim injunction motion

Penn State reply

Ga Tech reponse

Penn State reply brief

penn state plaintiff brief

GA Tech prelim injunction denial

Georgia Tech II Complaint

findlay complaint

GA Tech concession

eramo filing

UC complaint

UC–motion to dismiss

UC–plaintiff reply

UC–univ reply

Brown mtd decision

findlay answer

Doe v. Ohio State Report and Recommendation

Summary Judgment Opinion–GMU

Cornell Order on MTD

jackie motion to quash

amherst kurker depo

amherst plaintiff Mar16 brief

amherst supplemental filing

hamako affidavit

hamako motion

Brandeis decision

James Madison MTD

IUPUI decision

Cincinnati Entry on MTD

ohio state final

kelly v yale

amherst–confidentiality challenge

Doe v. Brown TRO

brown motion for TRO

plaintiffs’ appeal UC–6th circuit

BrownII amended complaint

Lynn complaint

St. Thomas complaint

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