KC Johnson

Duke Case Documents

Original Duke subpeona–docs

Duke’s Motion to Compel (note that the three examples of journalistic correspondence to prove relevance involved either journalists not subpoenaed or another book)

Opposition to Motion to Compel

My Affidavit

Duke’s response to Motion to Quash (It’s worth noting that the interviews in the Steel vignette with which Duke began this document & which Duke considered so vital were conducted solely by the non-subpoenaed Stuart Taylor–and documents in its possession suggested that Duke knew this.)

Judge Rich decision (This decision eventually was vacated by Judge Hornby.)

District Court Appeal

Maine media amicus brief

Duke’s Appeal Response (It’s worth noting that Duke never even attempted to respond to the First Amendment points made by the Maine media concerns.)

Reply to Duke–district court

Oral argument transcript–Maine district court

Strawbridge letter re Carrington settlement

Motion to Vacate Judge Rich’s Order

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