KC Johnson

Core 2.2

A history of modernity since 1500. Topics include the emergence of the Atlantic World; early modern society, culture, and the state; trade, colonialism, and slavery; Enlightenment; key political, scientific, industrial and technological revolutions; nineteenth-century nation states and mass society; twentieth-century war, revolution, and resistance; nationalism, internationalism, and totalitarianism; demography, migration, and the environment; work, gender, and daily life.

The course covers seven time periods: Early Modern World; Age of Revolutions; Industrial Societies; Nations and Ideologies; Western Imperialism; World Wars and Totalitarianism; and the Post-1945 World.


  • Secondary: Western Civilization: A Social and Cultural History by Margaret L. King (3rd ed.; Prentice Hall, 2004). Several copies on library reserve; the book is also available for purchase at the BC College Bookstore or through this link.
  • Primary: documents and maps on this website.


  • Exams (midterm on October 20, final TBA): 55%
  • Quizzes (based on reading, each class; either multiple choice or map-based, bottom four dropped): 30%
  • Participation: 15%


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