KC Johnson

Elizabeth’s England

This seminar will use the reign of Queen Elizabeth to examine the transformation of the British role in international affairs–from the aftermath of World War II to decolonization to the nature of the Cold War to the political realignments of the post-Cold War era–while also looking at the role of the monarchy’s role in popular culture, especially in the United States. The seminar thus will explore political and diplomatic events while also using the Queen’s life to discuss the continued fascination for the monarchy in U.S. popular culture

As always, each session will conclude with 10-15 minutes on contemporary issues, plus a question-and-answer section.

Wednesdays at 2pm.

Session One (March 22): The UK & the Foundation of the Monarchy

Session Two (April 5): Transitions

Session Three (April 26): Decolonization and Its Effects

Session Four (May 10): From Thatcherism to New Labour

Session Five (May 24): The Queen & Popular Culture

Session Six (June 7): Contemporary Legacies

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