KC Johnson

Senior Thesis Class (spring 2023)

My Contact Information:

Due dates:

second chapter chunk due due: March 2

advisors’ lunch: March 9

draft thesis due: April 6

NCUR: April 13-15

thesis conference: April 27, May 1 (remote)

final draft due to advisor:(mid-May (pending consultations with your advisor)

final thesis due: May 23

January 26: Opening

January 31: Research Day

February 2: Outlining Agenda for Spring

Feb, 7: Research Day

February 9:  Chapter Two updates (informal presentations)

February 14: Chapter Two updates (informal presentations)

Feb. 16, 21: Research Days

February 23: Chapter Two updates (informal presentations)

March 2: Chapter Two updates (informal presentations)

March 9: Scholars Program Graduate Presentation/Thinking about Presentations

March 14: Research Day

March 16: Previewing Revisions

March 21: Research Day

March 23: Practice Presentations

March 28: research day

March 30: Practice Presentations

April 4: Practice Presentations

April 5-13: spring break

April 20: Practice Presentations

April 25: Practice Presentations

April 27, May 1: Public Presentations (remote)

May 4: Late Revisions (in-class discussions & updates)

May 9: research day

May 11: Final Issues

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