KC Johnson

Week of May 4

May 4: 9/11 and Its Effects

  • Douglas Brook and Cynthia King, “Civil Service Reform as National Security: The Homeland Security Act of 2002,” Public Administration Review
  • Chait & Ponnuru on “Bush hatred”
  • Slate on the Patriot Act (four-part series: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Republican challenger Saxby Chambliss ad against GA sen. Max Cleland, 2002:

Bush campaign ad, 2004:

“Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” ad, 2004:

2004 campaign map:

May 6: The Travails of the Bush Administration

  • Lawrence Powell, “What Does American History Tell Us About Katrina?,” Journal of American History
  • Kent Germany, “The Politics of Poverty and History: Racial Inequality and the Long Prelude to Katrina,”  Journal of American History

Sen. George Allen (R-Virginia)–“macaca” moment:

2006 Senate results (light blue seats Dem. gains, yellow seats won by Independents; result 51-49, Democratic majority)

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