KC Johnson

Week of May 11

May 11: The 2008 Campaign

Heilermann and Halperin, Inside the Edwards Campaign

excerpts, Palin, Going Rogue

excerpts, Plouffe, Audacity to Win

map and delegate chart, 2008 Democratic primary

outtake–early viral video (more than 6M views), posted anonymously in 2007, outlining the Obama message

outtake–John Edwards surreptitiously taped, before a campaign appearance:

outtake–ABC News exposes Rev. Jeremiah Wright:

outtake–Couric interview with Sarah Palin:

outtake–Dole vs. Hagan, “godless” ad

Obama final campaign appearance–Manassas, Virginia (near site of two major Confederate victories–the First and Second Battles of Bull Run- in the Civil War):

2008 campaign map (states in pink–McCain–or light blue–Obama–carried by six points or less):

May 13: The Obama Era

list of cloture votes since Obama took office

Assessing the Stimulus; Brian Reidl criticizes its effects

Julian Sanchez summarizes the epistemic closure debate

Randy Barnett argues the health care reform bill is unconstitutional; Jonathan Cohn praises the law

Andrew Sullivan criticizes Obama on gay rights

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