KC Johnson

Week of March 23

March 23: Rise of the Right

  • Dennis A. Deslippe, “’Do Whites Have Rights?’: White Detroit Policemen and “Reverse Discrimination” Protests in the 1970s,” Journal of American History
  • Robert Freedman, “The Religious Right and the Carter Administration,” The Historical Journal
  • Days without Sunshine,” pp. 4-16 only

March 25: The 1980 Campaign

  • Cary R. Covington, Kent Kroeger, Glenn Richardson and J. David Woodard, “Shaping a Candidate’s Image in the Press: Ronald Reagan and the 1980 Presidential Election,” Political Research Quarterly
  • Jerome L. Himmelstein and James A. McRae, Jr., “Social Conservatism, New Republicans, and the 1980 Election, The Public Opinion Quarterly

Reagan campaign ad:

Carter campaign ad:

1980 campaign map: 1980 Senate campaign map: bright-red states represented Republican pick-ups (12-seat gain, take control of Senate for first time since 1955):

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