KC Johnson

Week of April 27

April 27: Impeachment

  • Benjamin Highton, “Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and the 1998 House Elections,” The Public Opinion Quarterly
  • Susan Low Bloch, “A Report Card on the Impeachment: Judging the Institutions That Judged President Clinton,” Law and Contemporary Problems

Documents from the impeachment proceedings:

April 29: The 2000 Election

  • “Television’s Performance on Election Night 2000.”

The “butterfly ballot” used in Palm Beach County, Florida:

2000 presidential election map. Note that if Al Gore had carried his home state (TN) or Dem-leaning NH, the results in FL would have been irrelevant:

2000 Senate races; bright red Republican pickup, bright blue Dem pickup. Democrats gained 4 seats to end election at 50-50:

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