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US Diplomatic History (fall 2019)


  • Research Paper: 50%
  • Participation: 30%
  • Supplementary Reading: 10%
  • Summary Review: 10%

Books: (all available through amazon.com, at link below)

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August 27: Origins of U.S. Foreign Policy

September 3: Expansionism  (Chris)

Thomas Hietala, Manifest Design

Supplementary Reading: Robert May, Southern Dream of a Caribbean Empire: Hugo

September 10: Growth of U.S. Power  (articles will be e-mailed) (no review assignment)

  • Cyrus Veeser, “Inventing Dollar Diplomacy,” Diplomatic History 27, pp. 302-328.
  • Michael Devine, “Was James G. Blaine a Great Secretary of State?,” Diplomatic History 27, pp. 689-694.
  • Daniel Rodgers, “In Search of Progressivism,” Reviews in American History 10, pp. 1-21.
  • Stephen Valone, “‘Weakness Offers Temptation’: William H. Seward and the Reassertion of the Monroe Doctrine,” Diplomatic History 19, pp. 583-600.

Supplementary Reading:  (Walter LaFeber, The New Empire): Leon

September 17: International Relations of the 19th Century Middle East  (Jennifer)

Supplementary Reading: James Field, United States and the Mediterranean World; Chris

September 24: Roosevelt [Nick]

supplementary reading: (Bruce Calder, The Impact of Intervention): Najrana

October 1 & 8: No class (per college schedule)

October 15: Wilsonianism   Study questions: Dzhenet

Supplementary Reading: (Thomas Knock, To End All Wars): Lydia

October 22: Interwar Imperialism [Michael]

Supplementary Reading: (Akira Iriye, After Imperialism): Nick

(Emily Rosenberg, Financial Missionaries to the World):

October 29: Onset of War [Hugo]

Supplementary Reading:

(Ernest May, Strange Victory): Michael

(Akira Iriye, Power and Culture): Lydia

November 5: Containment [Najrana]

Supplementary Reading: (Melvyn Leffler, A Preponderance of Power): Corina

(Thomas Alan Schwartz, America’s Germany): Joseph

November 12: Vietnam [Klarina]

Supplementary Reading: (Thomas Alan Schwartz, Lyndon Johnson and Europe): Enyonam

November 19: Third World Adventurism [Leon]

Supplementary Reading:  (James Mann, The Rebellion of Ronald Reagan):  Andrew

(James Baker, The Politics of Diplomacy): Dzhenet

December 3: The Road to 9/11

Supplementary Reading:  (Lawrence Wright, The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11): Klarina

(Samantha Power, A Problem From Hell): William

December 10: Modern Diplomacy [Joseph]

Supplementary Reading:  (Robert Gates, Duty): Jennifer

  • Packer, Our Man


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