KC Johnson

Constitutional Debates in the 2008 Election

As you prepare for the final, a glimpse at some of the 7-point IDs from the midterm. List of possible IDs will be handed out in class.

The Franken-Coleman battle,  2008 Minnesota Senate election, in video form:

Election law specialist Ned Foley analyzes the equal protection  claim at the heart of Republican Norm Coleman’s election contest.

Illinois senator Roland Burris faces skeptical media questions after repeatedly shifting his story regarding his appointment to the Senate, for the seat made vacant by the election of Barack Obama:

TV ad for Yes on Prop. 8 (California 2008 constitutional amendment to overturn State Supreme Court decision and ban same-sex marriage):

Another Yes on 8 ad, stressing the public schools issue:

No on Prop. 8 TV ad:

Prop. 8 exit poll (a yes vote was to ban same-sex marriage):

race/ethnicity; age: race-age1

party ID: party

religion:  religion

Documents (read if interested):

California gay marriage decision

Election Contest Court, final ruling, Minnesota Senate race

Tribune coverage of Blagojevich case

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