KC Johnson

Pre-Civil War Political Culture

Wilentz, The Rise of American Democracy, pp. 521-796.

Study questions will be posted the day before class.

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  1. Anesha Fuller said, on February 24, 2009 at 12.08am

    1. What kind of influence do you think Wilentz was trying to emphasis that Americans had on their right to exercise power?

    2. In which ways was Wilentz trying to distinguish the Jacksonian democrats from the Whigs?

    3. Do you think Wilentz description of the Whig party compares to that of the present day Republican party?

    4. Do you think their was two different systems of slavery, one in the north and one in the south? Why?

    5. If Lincoln was alive do you think he would have been a democrat or a republican?

    6. As the Whig party dissolved, Do you think the rise of Abraham Lincoln was inevitable?

    7. List at least three ways the challenges from Jefferson to Lincoln decisively shape America.

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