KC Johnson

Scholars’ Program Senior Thesis Colloquium

This course is the spring-term continuation of the Honors College senior thesis colloquium.

Course Requirements:

  1. Attendance and participation (10%): Attendance is mandatory for this course. Participation is also essential to this seminar.  Your informed response to assigned readings, class discussion, and your colleagues’ ideas is vital to the success of everyone in the room.
  2. Research log (5%): The research log should record how you are researching (e.g. which search terms in which database), what you are finding (notes from these resources), and your reflections or inspirations (or problems) as you go along.  Your weekly log should be emailed to me each Sunday, by 11.59pm, each week of the semester.
  3. Public presentation (25%): At the end of the semester, you will be asked to make a public (20 minute) presentation on your research topic.
  4. Final thesis (60%): The thesis will be the culmination of the year’s work, and is due at end of term.

My Contact Information:

  • email: kcjohnson9@gmail.com
  • cell: 207-329-8456
  • skype: kcjohnson9
  • office hours: Tuesday/Thursday, 12.30-1.30, Whitehead 501

Due dates

5 February     Chapter Two draft due

5 March           Chapter Three draft due

4 April              Complete draft due

16 May              Final thesis due

All due dates are final. Except for documented family or medical emergencies, no extensions will be given. All papers should be submitted to me via email, at the address above. All assignments also should be submitted to your advisor.


January 29: Introduction

January 31: No class–research day

February 5: Chapter Two draft due

E-mail to fellow group members the evening before class. Selected presentations in class.

February 7: No class–research day

February 12: No class—college holiday

February 14: No class–research day

February 19, 21: Research days– Individual meetings with instructor moved to March

February 26: Thinking about Revisions

  • Craft of Research, Chapter 14

Bring in 5 pages for stylistic revision. Selected presentations in class.

February 28: No class–research day

March 5: Chapter Three draft due

E-mail to fellow group members the evening before class. Selected presentations in class.

March 7, 12, 14, 19, 21: Research days–no class; extended office hours.

Spring Break

April 4: Complete Draft Due

  • Chapter 15, Craft of Research; in-class discussion on oral presentations

April 9, 11: Research days–no class

Classes from 16 April-30 April will run from 11.00-12.30. Plan accordingly.

April 16: Practice Presentations 1 (Michael, David, Ben)

April 18: Practice Presentations 2 (Tehera, Gerri, Anne)

April 23: Practice Presentations 3 (Julie, Kathy, Koby)

April 25: Practice Presentations 4 (Emmanuel, Joel, Asheka)

April 30: Practice Presentations 5 (Kristina, Mark, Megan)

May 2: No class–research day

Attendance is required at all presentations, except for hours in which you have other classes. Plan accordingly.

May 7: Public presentations 1

May 9: Public presentations 2

May 14: Class lunch–final meeting, review

May 16: Final thesis due

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