KC Johnson

Paper One

Five pages, via e-mail to me by 3 November.

1.) Compare and contrast the television advertising from the two candidates in the 1960 campaign with that of the three candidates in the 1968 campaign; along with the results of 1960 with the results of 1968 (along with stats from each of the elections). What was the main theme or themes in each year’s campaign? How did each candidate address the themes? How did the contested states change between the two contests? What do the differences between themes of 1960 and themes of 1968 say about how politics had changed during the 1960s?

2.) How did Pres. Kennedy envision U.S. policy toward Vietnam in the final months of his life? Analyze, by looking at documents from the Foreign Relations of the United States series (use documents 74, 79, 88, 94, 99, 115, 125, 135, 142, and 143), plus audio recordings prepared by the Miller Center dealing with the November coup; a possible 1000-troop withdrawal from Vietnam; and the Wheeler Report.

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