KC Johnson

LBJ & John Bailey, 25 Aug. 1964

The hardest problem of the 1964 convention was the question of seating the Mississippi Freedom Democratic delegation. On the convention’s first day, DNC chairman John Bailey updated the President on the credentials committee fight, and to complain about one of the MFDP’s key backers, Oregon congresswoman Edith Green.

President Johnson: I think we’re doing the best we can, John. I don’t imagine there’s much we can do. You’ll probably have a roll call on the Minority Report, I gather.

John Bailey: I think we better have it late tonight, don’t you, if we’re going to have it?

President Johnson: I don’t know; I don’t know. I don’t care much. I’m awfully disappointed that folks would act that way. And I’m distressed that they would treat me that way. But I don’t want to say anything about it. I may—I may . . . well, I may be in touch with you a little bit later.

But I just—I think you will have it, and I know it’s pretty difficult on both sides.

Bailey: Well, there’s no need of it, really.

President Johnson: No. not a bit. But . . .

Bailey: Well, some of the people have got the bit in their teeth. You know, between you and I, that Mrs. Green is a bitch.

President Johnson: Yeah.

Bailey: Huh?

President Johnson: Yeah. Yeah.

Bailey: And Joe Rauh keeps saying he wants to help, but he can’t get on the television often enough.

President Johnson: Yeah, that’s right.

Bailey: Just stirring the dogs up.

President Johnson: That’s right.

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