KC Johnson

Impeachment, 2000, Bush

  • Steve Brill, “Pressgate (6 parts),” Brill’s Content (1998).
  • Benjamin Highton, “Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and the 1998 House Elections,” The Public Opinion Quarterly
  • Melvyn Leffler, “9/11 and American Foreign Policy,” Diplomatic History 29 (2005), pp. 395-413.
  • 60 Minutes, “Under the Influence
  • Ryan Lizza, “The Bush-Cheney Era Ends Here,” New York


Documents from the impeachment proceedings:

The “butterfly ballot” used in Palm Beach County, Florida:


Bush 2004 windsurfer ad:

2004 election map: (A note–there’s a color error in this map on the popular vote, which had Bush, not Kerry, taking 50.7%.)

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