KC Johnson

Nixon & Kissinger


  • Nigel Ashton, “Pulling the Strings: King Hussein’s Role during the Crisis of 1970 in Jordan,” International History Review, pp. 94-118.
  • Noam Kochavi, “Insights Abandoned, Flexibility Lost: Kissinger, Soviet Jewish Emigration, and the Demise of Détente,” Diplomatic History, pp. 503-530.
  • William Burr, “The October War and U.S. Policy.” (Read essay and document summaries; DO NOT read the hotlinked documents.)
Nixon on Kissinger’s attitude toward Israel, early 1973
Administration’s rationalization for Israeli airlift, and its effects:

  • Egyptian surprise attack to launch the 1973 war:
  • NBC news coverage, OPEC announcement of oil embargo:
Syrian attack, Israeli counter-attacks:
Egyptian attack paths, Israeli counter-attacks:

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