KC Johnson

The United States and the Western Hemisphere

This course examines Inter-American relations from the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) until the present day. Topics include the colonial foundation for inter-American affairs; race, constitutionalism, and expansionism; the Gilded Age and economic imperialism; hemispheric affairs before World War I; the rise and fall of anti-imperialism; the Cold War and the Western Hemisphere; and contemporary issues such as trade, immigration, and finance.

All documents will be posted on the course website; articles will be emailed.


  • Exams (midterm and final): 50 percent
  • Group NSC presentation: 30 percent
  • Reading-based quizzes (6, with lowest grade dropped): 10 percent
  • Participation: 10 percent

My Contact Information:

Original meetings:

Cuba group, 6.10, 9-10

Venezuela group, 6.10, 9-15

Colombia group, 6.30, 9-15

Mexico group, 1.45, 9-17

Hond/Ec/Bol group, 6.10, 9-17

Brazil group, 6.30, 9-17

Schedule: (Documents & articles linked to each date.)

September 1: Introduction

September 3: From Utrecht to the Revolutionary System

September 8: Continental Expansionism

September 10: International Scramble for the Caribbean

September 15: The Battle over Expansionism

September 17: Pre-WWI Hemispheric Affairs

September 22: Wilsonianism

September 24: Empire & Imperialism

September 29: No class: conversion day

October 1: The Depression and Hemispheric International Affairs

October 6: World War II & the Hemisphere

October 8: The Cold War Order

October 13: Midterm

October 15: The Kennedy Era

October 20-22: LBJ & the Western Hemisphere

October 27: The Era of Dictators

October 29: Human Rights Diplomacy

November 3: Reaganism

November 5: The Western Hemisphere and the End of the Cold War

November 1o: Democracy, Trade, and Globalization

November 12: Western Hemisphere Affairs in the Bush Years

November 17: NSC Section I: Venezuela

November 19: NSC Section II: Mexico

November 24: NSC Section III: Brazil

November 26: No class: Thanksgiving

December 1: NSC Section IV: Colombia

December 3: NSC Section V: Cuba

December 8: NSC Section VI: Populist “Democracies” (Honduras, Bolivia, Ecuador)

December 10: Review Session

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