KC Johnson

CLASS 2009

This is the homepage for KC Johnson’s segment of the 2009 CLASS Seminar:

Race and American Politics since the Brown Decision

Below are links to each of the five sessions, where you will find links to the maps, audio clips, and videos that we discussed in the seminar, as well as a few longer documents and clips.

This site also has links to each of the videos Joan Leegant played in the seminar, most in downloadable form.

Finally, a few general sources on the topic worth consulting:

  • Black Americans in Congress (U.S. House, Office of History and Preservation)–website with photos and biographical data of all members of Congress, along with tools specifically designed for secondary school teachers.
  • Barack Obama Dot Com (Obama’s YouTube channel)–with embedded videos of most key Obama speeches from the 2007-8 campaign
  • Eyes on the Prize (Public Broadcasting System)–lengthy series on U.S. civil rights movement, with documents, videos, and interviews
  • Oyez (Northwestern University)–Supreme Court decisions, with audio of some oral arguments

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