KC Johnson

April 8: The 9/11 Attack & Its Effects (1993-2004)

  • Mark Schafer and Stephen G. Walker“Democratic Leaders and the Democratic Peace: The Operational Codes of Tony Blair and Bill Clinton,” International Studies Quarterly, pp. 561-583.
  • Benny Morris and Ehud Barak, “Camp David: An Exchange,” New York Review of Books, 13 June 2001.
  • Hussein Agha and Robert Malley, “Camp David: Tragedy of Errors,” New York Review of Books, 9 Aug. 2001.
  • Dennis Ross, “Camp David: An Exchange,” New York Review of Books, 20 Sept. 2001
  • Kosovo Timeline
  • Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States: Executive summaryChapter Four
  • Mel Leffler, “9/11 and American Foreign Policy,” Diplomatic History, pp. 395-414.

Akiva Lorenz, “Analyzing the USS Cole Bombing”

August 6, 2001–President’s Daily Brief


  • Steve Coll on the rise of Al Qaeda


  • CNN coverage of events in Bosnia
  • “Afghan Arabs” in the Bosnian war
Map: Israeli territory offer, 2000

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