KC Johnson

American Presidency (Group 2)

This course will explore the history of the American presidency from George Washington until the present day.


  • Research Paper: 50%
  • Participation: 30%
  • Study Questions/Supplementary Reading: 20%



email: kcjohnson9@gmail.com

cell: 207-329-8456

office hours: via Zoom


Week 1: Introduction

  • Forrest MacDonald, The American Presidency

Week 2: Washington

Burns and Dunn, George Washington

Reviews: Aleena

Week 3: Jefferson

Appleby, Jefferson

Reviews: Nicholas

Supplementary: John Ferling, John Adams (Daniel)

Week 4: J.Q. Adams

Traub, John Quincy Adams

Reviews: Dylan

Supplementary: HW Brands, Andrew Jackson, pp. 363-528 only (Jonathan)

Week 5: Buchanan

Baker, James Buchanan

Reviews: Malkah

Supplementary: Walter Bornman, Polk (Dylan)

Week 6: Lincoln

Donald, Lincoln

Reviews: Gloria

Supplementary: David Stewart, Impeached (Aleena)

Week 7: Reconstruction

Simpson, Reconstruction Presidents

Reviews: Daniel

Supplementary: Robert Merry, President McKinley (Nicholas)

Week 8: Course Paper–Proposal

Week 9: Wilson

Cooper, Woodrow Wilson

Reviews: Jonathan

Supplementary: Henry Pringle, Theodore Roosevelt (Ken)

Week 10: FDR

Brands, Traitor to His Class

Reviews: Ken

Supplementary: Martin Fausold, The Presidency of Herbert Hoover (Malkah)

Week 11: LBJ

Dallek, Lyndon Johnson

Reviews: Aleena

Supplementary: James Giglio, The Presidency of John F, Kennedy (Gloria)

Week 12: Nixon

Farrell, Nixon

Reviews: Nicholas

Week 13: Bush I

Naftali, George H.W. Bush

Reviews: Malkah

Week 14: Presidency in the Contemporary Era

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