KC Johnson


My apologies for the audio problems today. I have put together a page with the full story of the Fortas nomination, containing several clips with transcripts. The link is here.

We are also a bit behind, so I have restructured the remaining classes; be sure to use the website and not the syllabus.

Below is the Barbara Jordan video.

Texas representative Barbara Jordan of the House Judiciary Committee, during the Nixon impeachment hearings. The remarks of Jordan, the first African-American congresswoman elected from a former Confederate state, represented the intellectual high point of the proceedings.

The Watergate affair, which culminated in the resignation of President Richard Nixon, was the most serious constitutional crisis of the 20th century. It was a legal, constitutional, political, media, and cultural watershed. For an introduction to the crisis, links below from one of the major players in the crisis–the Washington Post, whose reporter helped break the story.

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