KC Johnson

1912 and Its Aftermath

Cooper, Warrior and the Priest

Study questions will be posted the day before class.

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  1. Esther Pinedo said, on March 2, 2009 at 9.41pm

    1) When looking at Roosevelt and Wilson who is in fact the warrior and who is the priest?
    2) What are the similarities and differences in Roosevelt and Wilson’s backgrounds and political ideas?
    3) Under Roosevelt and Wilson what is the role of the federal government in economic life?
    4) How did Wilson and Roosevelt each view America’s place in the world?
    5) How did each president shape foreign policy and do you agree with Cooper that they in fact transformed American diplomacy?
    6) What does Cooper argue is the style of leadership appropriate to a modern American democracy?
    7) According to Cooper, what were Roosevelt and Wilson’s philosophies of leadership?
    8) Are Roosevelt and Wilson similar to Hamilton and Jefferson respectively?
    9) Why is 1912 an important election?
    10) What is Progressivism?
    11) According to Cooper how is the New Freedom different from the New Nationalism?
    12) How are Roosevelt and Wilson reformers?
    13) What is Wilsonian ideology?
    14) What are the advantages to a political biography and what are the disadvantages?
    15) Do you agree with Cooper that Roosevelt and Wilson are “the principal architects of modern American politics” and surpass even Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Cooper 361)?

  2. Esther Pinedo said, on March 2, 2009 at 10.06pm

    Sorry one last question…
    16) Does Cooper gloss over Wilson’s view of race and African Americans?

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